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Andersen Control offer the following:

  • Research
    We analyze your current set up and compare it with the existing conditions

  • Advice
    We guide you on how and what to improve in the set up

  • Education
    We educate your personnel to the improved conditions according to the newest from the actual standard

  • Training
    Changing the behavior for the trained personnel. Making them capable of transfer knowledge to other persons

Latest References

MTR Stockholm Sweden, Service provider for Stockholms lokaltrafik.
Research, education and training of responsible managers, providing cleaning of more than 100 train stations.
Elite Miljø, Horsens Denmark, Cleaning service provider with approximately 2000 employees.
Education and training of managers responsible for cleaning in the pharmaceutical industry, medical device industry and hospital wards.

On the schedule..

Öst Götalands län, Sweden
Locum fastighetsforvaltare, Sweden  
DS Certification, Denmark
Dansk Standard, Denmark  
Region Skåne, Sweden
MTR Stockholm, Sweden     

Öst Götalands län, Sweden
Region Skåne, Sweden
MTR Stockholm, Sweden        

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